“We both have been married before and have children of our own. For us, we doubted to find someone that not only understands the Islamic perspective of life but also has the same values and would be a good role model for our kids. I know Nawal on a personal level and decided to let her help me find my other half. She was so excited and made it her mission to find me a pious, educated, respectful and kind man. Not too long after she found Dean, she said to the both of us, “MashaAllah you both would make an amazing couple.” I couldn’t believe what she was telling me about him. He seemed too good to be true, but maybe after everything we both have been through Allah (SWT) has rewarded us for our patience. Dean is from California and I’m from Chicago, so we are your typical long-distance relationship. We spoke for a couple of weeks before he flew out to see me. With lots of dua and istikharah, we just knew we are meant for each other. We had our toulba after one month of knowing each other and scheduled our wedding 3 months later for this September 2019. If it wasn’t for Nawal’s dedication and passion to help find our Naseeb, we would still be searching for each other.”

Daliya & Dean

“The people at Pious Hearts are professional, thorough, and simply good at what they do. They returned my calls promptly and took the time to find out about me and what I was looking for, explained their services and answer all my questions. My matchmaker helped me through the process of signing up and completing my profile. My relationship counselor Sara brought clarity to discover my true self and provided me with the right tools in search of my spouse. I’m contacted when there is a new profile to review and with every match, my matchmaker checks in on me to see how things are going. When things don’t work out with that match, she asks for feedback to help with the next match. I’ve been talking to my recent match for a couple of weeks now and for the first time, everything feels right.”


“Pious Hearts and working with Sr. Nawal has been such a great experience, Alhamduilah! Sr. Nawal has become a mentor and someone I dearly trust as I try to navigate the marriage process. She provides honest, supportive, and Islamic advice and wisdom. Pious Hearts has encouraged me to connect with various potentials where I wouldn’t have this opportunity elsewhere. Sr. Nawal cares to provide thoughtful matches and is there with you in the process. I totally recommend it!”


“I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you Nawal. I have to confess….I did try a couple of the other matchmaking companies and it sure made me understand just how much you listened to my needs, got me to open up to new possibilities and have followed through introducing me to amazing people I would have never otherwise met.”


“You really care about people and your work and that shines through. I can see why you are the best at what you do!”


“I tried all of the online sites, apps, and groups but had very little luck meeting someone I truly connected with. I was ready to find “the one”, and was tired of talking to women who were not ready to commit to a serious relationship, let alone marriage. Pious Hearts process is a quality like no other. They take the time to get to know you on a personal level and make you feel comfortable throughout the whole way. On my first match with Fareeha, I immediately felt a connection, long story short we had our Nikah after two months and now Alhamdulillah we are happily married.”

Rohaan & Fareeha

“I highly recommend Pious Hearts for single professionals. Nawal and her staff work hard to find eligible and quality singles to match. I found them responsive, attentive and dedicated to helping me meet someone special. You get personalized service and consideration and avoid the unwanted attention and tiresome interaction found on most dating sites or apps. I can honestly say every person I’ve met through Nawal has been delightful. They are highly educated, successful, well-balanced, attractive, kind, and overall quality people. If you want more personalized service and meet with more high quality, professional people, consider Pious Hearts.”