On Pious Hearts, privacy is our top priority, which is why we designed all our products and services with that in mind.  The top concern individuals have with matrimonial sites is the lack of privacy, and that is why we have built a website where members cannot view another member’s profile.  We conceal everyone’s identity because this is not a dating site or a shopping catalog, but rather a well thought out, Islam-based site where your identity is protected.  Pious Hearts will not sell, lease, give away, or trade your personal information to any third-party.  

It is the member’s responsibility to review the privacy policy as modifications to this policy will and can be made anytime.  By using our website, you agree to this privacy policy as well as to the Terms and Conditions.

Collecting Data

In order to register on Pious Hearts, you give us your consent to collect information about you, including but not limited to your name, address, birthdate, age, gender, profession, and email address.  We will not share this information with other members unless we make a match, in which event we contact you first to obtain your consent to release your information.

Pious Hearts staff and the service providers we make available to our members understand and/or are advised of the importance of the privacy and confidentiality of the information each member has chosen to provide.

Our site uses “Cookies”; a small piece of data sent from a website and stored on the user’s computer by the user’s web browser while the user is browsing.  We use Cookies as a way to make our site user friendly for you.  This is done by the ability for our site to save your login only so the only data you have to remember would be your password! At any time, you can disable the use of cookies on your settings if you are not comfortable with the functions.

When purchasing a membership, you give your consent that your billing information and credit card can and will be stored in our system until you cancel 10 days before the end of the current month.

How We Protect your Privacy

Each member on Pious Hearts will have create and have their own unique login and password. Your login and password can be stored on your computer’s browser with the use of Cookies (see above point). If you forget your password or login, you can retrieve it or reset it on our website. Remember, do not share your password or login with anyone.  

Our website is encrypted and on a secure server, although there is no website that is bulletproof from vicious hackers, so we strongly recommend you log out after every session on Pious Hearts.  Also, you should very cautious when using public computers or unsecure or unknown networks.

We may send you emails about exciting news, events, and information only pertaining to Pious Hearts, but you can stop receiving such emails by unsubscribing from them at any time.

When Information is Released

Please read carefully:  Pious Hearts is not above the law and we value the safety and well-being of members and non-members alike. Therefore, you should know that we may be required by law to release information or make disclosures without express or implied consent to comply with such mandates as court orders, subpoenas, law enforcements investigations, search warrants.

In the event the disclosure or release of your information is sought by a third-party, for reasons other than the ones listed above, we will ask for your consent before we release or disclose information. release any information pertaining to you.


We appreciate that you put your trust in us to not only find your future partner but in protecting your personal privacy.