Your privacy is our top priority. We keep your profile hidden from all users. No member shall be able to search other members on this site. In the event of a match, we will always ask for your consent before sending out your information.


Our website is top notch. Your information is secured and will not be shared unless we have your consent.

Background Checks

All members will be put through several verification processes to ensure their identity. This decreases the level of false information that occur on dating sites. We will run your name and information to verify what you have submitted is true. We firmly believe that marriage is a serious matter and falsifying information may result in termination from our site.

Six Month Guarantee

We cannot guarantee a match and will not offer anyone just to call it a match like other sites do. We want all our members to be satisfied, therefore if a match does not occur within the first six months, then we will give you 50% off each month you stay on our site – up to six months.

Health Check Questionnaire

Due to regulations, we respect your privacy about your physical health, but we will voluntarily ask a series of questions that maybe your future spouse might be too shy to ask. An example of such questions would be: Are there any genetic diseases in your family? It is not mandatory to answer the health questions, but it would be a sign of good faith if you are open about your physical health to your potential spouse.

Video Screening

This is the second step to our verification process! We will hold a 45 minute to an hour face to face conversation via various communication apps to get to know you more and make sure the information you submitted all matches up!

Weekly Check Up

We value your time and appreciate you selecting us to guide you in finding your future partner, so we won’t leave you in the dark. You will be hearing from us on a weekly basis to inform you where your application process is and about any potential matches. Whether you prefer a weekly phone call or an email message, we will always communicate with you.

Round Trip Ticket To Your Destiny

We will pay one round trip ticket to any member who signs up with the Tranquility package to meet their match. Limit one ticket per year. Must be a member for at least three months and give 60 day notice for reservation. We firmly hold on to the Islamic values that consent must be given from the girl’s mahram/guardian/wali before ticket is issued.

Licensed Counselors

We only hire professionals! All our counselors have specialized in premarital and marital Counseling. Our goal is to identify and address any potential areas of conflict in a relationship early on, before those issues become serious concerns, and teach partners effective strategies for discussing and resolving conflict. .

2 Business Days

We respect your time and we are a firm believer of quality service. Therefore, we guarantee a response time within two business days InshAllah.

Relationship Facilitator Session

Our passion is to empower couples at every stage in their relationship journey. We help couples identify their relationship strengths, gain understanding about the underlying dynamics that influence their communication, and then help couples develop skills to improve their growth areas.

Exclusive Events

We host various events throughout the year nationwide to provide opportunities for single Muslims to meet in a halal environment where it is not awkward.